How to Comment

Did you ever want to share your feelings about a certain post, but never knew how? I’ll guide you through the steps to leave a successful comment on a fellow student’s pages.

  1. Click on the Home page, where you will then see every post made by that person.
  2. Choose, what you believe to be, the most fascinating article.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of that post and click on the “Leave a reply” button.
  4. The comments page will then be pulled up for you to view any other comments and to leave your own.
  5. If you aren’t signed in, then type in your email address. If you are, then you can automatically comment.
  6. Write your opinions down in the large box and click “Post comment.”
  7. Depending on the person’s blog, your comment will either be held in moderation and need to be approved, or it will appear right away for everyone to view.

Hopefully this had helped anyone who had trouble with leaving a comment.

However, I am not done yet, because now you need to learn how to leave a successful comment. This means that your shared feelings are informative and helpful towards the publisher.

  • Stay on the topic at hand.
  • Give positive feedback, such as compliments, but be specific.
  • Try to connect with the author, relate your experiences with their own.
  • Use proper grammar, the publisher would like to understand the point that you are making.
  • Do not give any personal information out.

You are now fully prepared to go out there and comment your heart out. Have fun!

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