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Welcome, Fellow Student!

My name is Haley Lykins and I am currently in the 9th grade at Franklin Heights High School for 2016-2017. In this year, I am 15 years old. I have a family of 5, including my Mom, Dad, Heidi (sister), Tyler (brother), and me. Well, if you count pets as family, I have a cat named Bert and a dog named Max. I am part of the English, Irish, and German heritages.

As a student, I take time and effort on my assignments, though I don’t always understand a certain subject. In the past, I have usually received A’s and B’s. If you can already tell, I am quiet in class, but I can still speak, I just choose not to. I only want to complete my worksheets on time and as excellent as I possibly could.  If you do get to know me, you might notice that I am, what you call, a “Neat Freak.” I’m sorry, but I can’t stand messy areas, everything, for me, just has to be aligned and clean.

Anyways, I like to read fictional book series such as Harry Potter, The Maze Runner, and Pandemonium. I have even gotten into Stephen King due to my Dad giving me a few of his books. After school, I usually watch some T.V., usually on Comedy Central, go on the Internet, and do some chores. Well, I’ve mentioned pretty much all about myself that may be important. See you guys in class.

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  1. You seem to know yourself, and that’s a good thing. As cliche as it sounds, it’s a great thing to actually know yourself, well; it’s difficult, even though it sounds simple. An explanation about what other perceive as “weird”, doesn’t need to be explained; you don’t owe that to anyone! I hope you find comfort in writing prompts for this blog in the future, and I hope you have a good time in high school. Even though schoolwork should be a priority, and ultimately is, you shouldn’t see that as the only thing in high school; there’s a lot more, and I motivate you to explore more, and get out there, even when you don’t want to.

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