The Wild Beyond

This now is our life

we could never understand the experiences

of those before our time

The education

the society

the advances

Life only becomes easier from 

now on

One hundred years ago ancestors

formed a little town called

Walker right on Leech Lake

Never could I imagine what

the little town could have appeared

when cars became a new thing

when water had to be pumped manually

when everyone knew and loved each other

How times sure do change

the only hints of a different

time era lie within the historical areas

An old shack

which started it all

a log cabin built

as most were in the early 1900’s

a modern cabin

where my aunt and

uncle spend their little town lives

Here I trample along

towards the unique life

in the blazing hot sun of

typical July

That time coming again

slowly yet


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  1. Hi Haley,
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  2. This is a pretty cool blog post. Have you ever wondered what would the people in the future would think of just a coin that was made in 2004? It would probably be an ancient artifact in about 100 years. That would be so cool. Also we think that some of the gaming consoles are old now, for example, one of the first wii’s. We think that is sort of old. Just Imagine how people in the future 100 years from would think of us if they saw the X Box One. They would think that they are so much more advanced than us. But they wouldn’t be. We just wouldn’t have known what they know. Do you think that that would be cool if we could hear their opinions? I do.
    If you want you can come to by blog at this link.

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