PAGES Program Overview

Performing Arts Experience – Shawnee, Ohio

Thriving at dusk,

abandoned at dawn,

a town unknown

for far too long.

Neglect replaced

the love and affection

that Shawnee

came to know.

People dancing,

people singing,

people chatting,

people living.

Mine fires

ravaged sites

in which

the workers dug.

We learn to care

for our belongings,

but I guess there is none to spare

in the case of Shawnee, Ohio.

Earth isn’t ours

for the taking,

we must focus

on making.

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    • Hello, Mrs. Crawford. It is quite a cool coincidence that we switched groups. It will give us a whole new perspective. Have you been in the Student Blogging Challenge before? It is my grade’s first time participating and I’m am glad for it. Thank you so much, putting the delicate topic of the town was a bit difficult, but I guess that it had worked out in the end. See you around!

  1. This poem seems so wise, old people reflecting on their life could have written it. It is really great that you already have such a sophisticated view at the nature of our planet and the one of our people. Especially your last paragraph appeals to me. Go spread this message and make this world a better place!

    Great poem! Sophie

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