Dear 2017-2018 Freshmen


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Experiences change, friendships shift, life goes on. You are on the path to adulthood, and I understand that the situation is frightening and confusing in the beginning. One year’s classes could represent your entire high school education. Depending on the fields of study you are interested in, these next four years could fly by or last forever. Personally, I found this first year to be middle school 2.0, where you are still required to take the basic classes, but there is the option of an additional three or more choices to your liking. Turning in papers is a large majority of your grade in rooms such as Algebra 1 and Modern World History. Speak to new people, there are hundreds of students that could be your new friends, including the upperclassmen. At least interact with fellow peers, I personally have made more acquaintances in my first year than I have expected. Some relationships just happen, like a friend may introduce you to their friends, which could range out really far. Remember to ask a classmate or the teacher for help, because everyone struggles with at least one subject. Sometimes it could be embarrassing, but the question would help in the long run. That’s all the advice that would help you gain a balance on the new school life. See you around next year!

~ Sincerely, Haley

The Wild Beyond

This now is our life

we could never understand the experiences

of those before our time

The education

the society

the advances

Life only becomes easier from 

now on

One hundred years ago ancestors

formed a little town called

Walker right on Leech Lake

Never could I imagine what

the little town could have appeared

when cars became a new thing

when water had to be pumped manually

when everyone knew and loved each other

How times sure do change

the only hints of a different

time era lie within the historical areas

An old shack

which started it all

a log cabin built

as most were in the early 1900’s

a modern cabin

where my aunt and

uncle spend their little town lives

Here I trample along

towards the unique life

in the blazing hot sun of

typical July

That time coming again

slowly yet


A Poem: Clovers

Mysterious and lively, the flower was a fish out of water,

The sphere of petals represented an orb of defiance,

Like a fragile package in the Earthy enclosures of a zoo.

Small and quaint, the velvety weed persists towards expansion,

Rolling its roots down into the Earth like a child rolling marbles across the hot asphalt.

Why is it that the tiniest things have the biggest impacts and yet are forgotten?

The clover was a knight in the chess game of life, in armor and ready to make its move.

Commenting Game

The Divergent Trilogy

This blog had talked about the book series, Divergent. I chose to comment on this post because I had previously read the trilogy, about two years to exact. I personally enjoyed the books due to its heart and detail. Since then, I have focused on series such as itself, and I have been both intrigued and disappointed.

Week 7: Footprints Activity 1

This blog had talked about the two videos on the Student Blogging Challenge website. I chose to comment on this post because I generally agreed with the author’s opinion with the second video being more informative due to it being more relatable.

Endangered Animals, A Global Problem

This blog had talked about the extinction and endangerment of species on the Earth from our own involvement. I chose to comment on this post because I had written a similar post about biodiversity, and I feel strong about this subject since the Earth provides us everything, but we take advantage of it.

Career Clusters Slides

This blog had talked about wanting to go into the career of Abuse / Crisis Counseling. I chose to comment on this post because it’s refreshing to see that people are not as self indulged as it appeared to be, some still focus on others than themselves for the better.

Why Photography?

This blog had talked about the enjoyment of photography and how the author wanted a certain camera for their birthday for that purpose. I chose to comment on this post because both the author and I agree that cameras are fascinating in several aspects. One moment is forever trapped on a thin sheet.

The Reality of Digital Communications

Technology and its advances only continued to upgrade as the years tick by. When the internet and its properties are more available to general public, people will leave larger digital footprints. Depending on who your are, this could be positive or negative. Here are some points to consider when using the internet:


  • Being connected to family from long distances.
  • Meeting new and exotic people around the world.
  • Sharing your opinions to a greater audience.
  • News is accessible anywhere at any time.


  • All of your information is somewhere online, open to anyone.
  • People can hate behind an online persona without consequence.
  • Codependency on all that technology offers.
  • Anybody could lie about a story to benefit their political view.

The Betrayal of an Angel

Underwood Standard Typewriter No. 5Freaktography via Compfight

“Dear Reader,

I haven’t the time to explain, but you must be informed on the supernatural deviltry that lies within. Behaviour is only the surface of a person’s identity. Inner thoughts and emotions can be quite the opposite of your peers view you as. Snapping points are inevitable, and unfortunately, you haven’t a clue on the damages that will be ensued. Taking the notion that a very minimal amount of people actually go insane from their inner rage kept me down and unaware, until that fateful day. My livelyhood had forever been scrutinized by a selfish and beastly being that of which I have never seen before. I cannot take my belongings with me, the demon will only have a better chance, so I must give them to those who find my apartment. I am so sorry…”

Sincerely, Winston Redek, September 25th, 1917

Report Location: Bristol, England

Date of Report: January 3rd, 1918

Character of Case: Disappearance, Treason

Synopsis: Upon the arrival to such estate, an immediate discovery has been made. The building has been ransacked, seeming as though the action was completed months before the investigation. The leftover belongings were in such an askew manner, while the only fingerprints lead to Winston Redek. A typewriter, based off of the Sholes and Glidden model, that contained an immense layer of dust, sat in the centre of a desk. On the floor, a wrinkled piece of yellowing paper laid underneath the cheap wooden chair that had been pushed out at a length where a person could sit. The writing had contained the send-off notice from Winston himself. Out of the blue, a picture of a prepubescent girl from decades before appeared next to the typewriter. The team must not have seen the frame before, but then again, how could they miss it? Wet blood had ran down the sides of the glass cover. What does it mean?

Falling, a never ending spiral. They took away my powers, my wings. I am back, but in the name of the unholy beast. I do not want to hurt, but I can’t control it. I have taken away the lives of so many. I am a demon. The thirst for blood is unstoppable. I must leave, but truly can’t leave myself. I kill without even knowing it. The demons of hell haunt me, pressuring my urges. Those who come into my footsteps are greeted with death from me or his minions. I am called weak for my past in the arms of the angels, but that is what kept me going. I am forever a fallen angel.

Interview Narrative

My father grew up in a family of four, with his parents and his older sister. When he was only fifteen or sixteen years old, his two guardians had grown apart and ended up divorcing. However, this didn’t stop him from seeing and spending time with his father. Sighing, I said, “How did you feel about your home life?” The first query seemed to catch him off guard but I had receive an official response through his reaction before he uttered, “We… had always be taken care of… Mom and Dad worked hard…”

My father had graduated high school at age seventeen and soon enrolled in the Army before he began his college education. The total time spent serving had been more than twenty years, until he retired. So, it was obvious that I asked, “At what point in your life did you realize that you wanted to join the Army?” From the short amount of time that it had taken him to begin to answer, it seemed as though he was already knew this had been coming. “Growing up, I’ve been infatuated in the Army. I’ve had two grandfathers in the military who have then served in World War II. So I guess it was just natural to start my life off joining the Army,” he stated with pride. In his office, he had the satchel that was been taken by one of his grandfather’s in WWII.

As for my father, he had gone into the usage of one of the most deadly addictions. Speaking unsurely, I asked, “Have you ever experienced any life changing moments? If so, what had the situation been and how did you overcome it?” Even I had been unsure of what his response would consist of, due to the fact that I don’t know about his complete past. He stated wearily, “I had smoked for over thirty years… I experienced a heart-attack that put me in the hospital… abuse to my heart had finally caught up to me…” As of August 2015, he had to quit because his life was on the line.

I tried to press on queries about his time spent in the Army. Interestedly, I questioned, “Did being in the Army lead you to traveling different regions, such as states or countries?” My father longed a bit about this, but surely gave the answer that sufficed, “My first two years were spent in Germany. Then I served another twenty three years in the Army Reserves. I have also travelled to at least 10 different states…” Being of German heritage himself, my father had been very willing to go and see where his family would have originated from many generations past.

PAGES Program Overview

Performing Arts Experience – Shawnee, Ohio

Thriving at dusk,

abandoned at dawn,

a town unknown

for far too long.

Neglect replaced

the love and affection

that Shawnee

came to know.

People dancing,

people singing,

people chatting,

people living.

Mine fires

ravaged sites

in which

the workers dug.

We learn to care

for our belongings,

but I guess there is none to spare

in the case of Shawnee, Ohio.

Earth isn’t ours

for the taking,

we must focus

on making.

Black Mountain College: Art Perspective

Piece: Carnivorous Plant

Artist: Leo Amino

All around me, people gather in awe and confusion at my appearance. Maybe they don’t understand my spiked appendages, representing my strength, even though everyone contains such power, just typically not physically. Or perhaps it’s my lemony color exterior with such strange pops of materials, bloody red, and vivid green hidden on the inside of my hard plastic shell. However, everyone has contains color that makes them who they are, mentally and physically, and an interior that holds them together. Nobody would fully understand each other, so why act differently towards something that you created. And what they don’t know is how I can take them down in one single hit. Hey, I’m just expressing myself through their reactions. Maybe the red splats on the inside of my shell is blood, just to think about it. Not everyone acts like how they appear, and trust me, I won’t harm anyone, for I am frozen in time.

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Leo Amino

Carnivorous Plant